Belmont, Gastonia & Mount Holly, NC Storm/Water Damage

Help that you can trust

When a natural disaster strikes, it can often seem overwhelming. The damage from a tornado, hurricane, or flood can be immense. It is often a situation where you need immediate that you can trust.

We're here to help

Over the years, McLean Homes has helped a wide variety of its commercial and residential clients recover from horrific natural events. Tripp McLean and the McLean Homes staff make every effort to pick their clients up and help them recover as quickly as possible. As part of this process, Tripp is always willing to meet with a client's insurance adjuster to make sure that their scope of work is the same as McLean Homes.

Once a client receives a settlement, McLean Homes has the expertise and staff to make sure that all repairs are done correctly, on time, and within budget. You will be informed about how things are being restored every step of the way.