Estimates & Adjusters

We are willing to work directly with your adjuster to help insure that your insurance companies scope is the same as McLean Homes.

Figuring a claim for a house is a lot different than figuring a claim for something like a car. Because of the sheer scale and amount of potential damage (which can be in the thousands of dollars) and the number of systems and subs that can be involved to fix it, mistakes in settlements are not uncommon. Adjusters, after all, are not builders. Unless they are highly experienced, they can miss something important or underestimate what is needed to be done to fix it.

That is where we come in as experienced contractors familiar with insurance protocol. By meeting directly with your adjuster when he or she visits your property, we can be a tremendous resource for them to ask questions and we can make sure they see and can document legitimate damage.

Occasionally, an adjuster will ask you to get multiple estimates. However, the only estimate that matters is the adjuster's estimate.

Clients frequently think that if the adjuster's estimate is for $20,000, and the homeowner can find somebody to do the job for $15,000, they can pocket the $5,000 savings.

That is not how it works. You have to document to the adjuster how much you spend on the job. He will not release the full amount to you if your repair bills do not agree with his estimate. He will only give you what the cost is...and that is as long as it is less than his estimate. If the repair bill is over his estimate, he won't pay that difference either.

In order to make sure your interests are truly protected, and have a qualified and experienced builder like McLean Homes meet with your adjuster on the job site.